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Cortex Neural Network Software

This neural networks software allows you to:

Neural Network Example 1:

Neural Network FOREX Trading

It includes the "full cycle", from design issues to porting the resulting neural network code to the trading platform of your choice.

Neural Network Example 2:

Neural Network Genetic Algorithm in FOREX Trading Systems.

Creating Trading System, with no prior knowlege about its parameters. Neural networks optimization is done automatically, based on market data.
As always, after the finished training neural network, it is ported to trading platform of your choic, so Neural network trading is performed in the environment you are comfortable with.

Neural Network Example 3:

Kohonen Neural Network

Applying networks for stock and Forex trading.

Self Organizing Maps used to help neural networks pattern recognition.

Introduction to Neural Networks

This is a beginner's Introduction to Neural Networks - a particular type of them, called Feedforward Backpropagation Neural Networks.

The Neural Networks Tutorial covers the basic terminology, principles of work, and some practical neural networks applications that can be performed using neural networks. This neural network algorithm is one of the most popular, as it is easy to implement and to understand. Also, it usually produces excellent results.

Built-in scripting language

An Introduction to Neural Networks, including Neural Network FOREX Trading Tutorial, Neural Network Software, 
						Neural Network Example Code for FOREX Trading, as well as Neural Networks Programming Guide

Built-in Scripting language has two "parts". First part handles common tasks, it provides you with the ability to work with data in an automated way, to perform file input / output, to draw charts and to save them as images, to automatically create web pages with these charts, to work with SQLite databases and much, much more.

The second "part" is specific to the Cortex neural networks software. You can write scripts (mini programs) to automatically process data, to create and teach new Networks, and so on.

Plugins (functions called from third party DLLs) are now supported.

When applied to FOREX trading, and to trading in general, Cortex can become a valuable tool. It allows you to create a neural network model, based on feedforward backpropagation neural networks, or neural networks genetic algorithms, or Kohonen classification neural network, or a combination of them, plus traditional technical analysis tools.

After the neural network system is completed, you can (it is covered in examples available on this site, in detailed step-by-step form) port it from Cortex Built-in scripting language to a scripting language of a trading platform of your choice. From that point on, you do not need Cortex in order to trade! You simply use your favorite trading environment.

Neural Networks Programming API


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